Simplify workflows for your  practice

Reven helps you track, manage, and prioritize requests and payments for Patients, Providers and Internal Staff.

Request appointments at your fingertips

No paperwork, no hassle. We keep things digital and easy. Set's same/next day appointments in seconds.

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Powerful workflows endless possibilities

Reven allows your to create multiple workflows for your practice, our easy-to-use dashboard can be setup in minutes!

Highly customizable
Easy to use
Always improving
Private & secure


We collect the data from various sources throughout automated workflows.

Fax Machine


Our AI creates and manage the information you want to send out.

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Reven stores all the user information in our easy to use and secure app.

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REVEN AI offer flexible
workflows for these sectors

Keep track of all your patients information

Automate appointments
Highly customizable
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Pain points REVEN AI solves

It would be comforting to know when the referral has been received... andhow long it's taking in case something goes wrong. It's like when youpurchase something online."
Then two weeks passed before i realized, there is this outstanding appointment that i need to schedule.I called back and they said there is nothing in the system.
Patients call and say 'Hey, i have not heard anything'.We call the access center. Most of the time they got it, but we haven't heard from them.

Fast and efficient workflows for your practice

We can help you increase productivity within your practice and give your clients a new and unique experience.

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